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If you want to appear in Campus Drives across  India...

If you are looking for Interview Calls from Renowned IT Companies , Core Companies & New Age Startups..

Subscribe for Fresher Intensity Test (FIT) Today !

A valid score of FIT will entitle you to participate in the hiring process of 500+ Companies..

Details about various opportunities are available on:

Upcoming Companies: Optimus, Lumen Technologies, Subex, DSRS Foundation & many more..

Registration Validity: 1 Year

Any Extra Charges: NO

Test Fee: 799 INR (Discounts upto 200 INR available)

Score Validity: 1 Year

Test Venue: Online (From Home)

Test Domains: Aptitude, Logic and English

To Register Click on " Apply"

799 INR


Registration for Fresher Intensity Test