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Today’s youth generation is suffering from a disease called BSSIN (Being a Servant Syndrome Induced by Negativity). When they are completing their education, they are getting educated not skilled and for that reason they are not welcomed into the industry because industry wants skill not only education. We analyse this problem and found some key aspects which leads to this gap 1. Static text based learning. 2. Subject oriented syllabus. 3. Ideal data based examples. 4. Failure discouraging system. 5. Less activity based learning. 6. Individual learning. 7. Teacher Driven Learning. 8. Static Knowledge Based Human Instructor 9. Exam Based Education 10. Lack Of Consciousness 11. Lack of Knowledge About Non-conventional But crucial Topics 12. Lack of opportunity to use presence Of Mind. We are solving these problems by using STREAM (modernized STEM) learning methodology using Techno-Spirituality as a tool

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